Christmas StockingStuffers for hearts of all ages

Here’s a partial list of Christmas stocking stuffers, inexpensive and promising hours of clean, wholesome reading filled with deep emotion, laughter, inspiration and happy endings.    Books by Paula Freda (Available at Amazon and Smashwords, among others).   Cinderella Ice (Available at Smashwords and Amazon, among others)

and introducing a fellow writer, Patricia Carroll-Smith, with short stories for hearts of all ages    Coffee Break Stories (available at Amazon and Smashwords, among others).

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New Book, New Pen Name

Just released my new book, Cinderella Ice, under my new pen name, Marianne Dora Rose.
A clean, inspirational romance, but rated PG13 for sensitive subject matter.


Victim of a bigamous marriage, Jessie returns to her parents’ home in the Hudson River Valley, to heal.  Indoctrinated since childhood in fairy tales with happy endings, her spirit and view of life are severely scarred, especially regarding the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming. She’s sworn off any future relationships. “Cinderella Ice, that’s what I’ll be from this day forth.”


At the age of nineteen, the Carlson’s younger daughter, Jessie, eloped with Walt, a ranch hand she had met in her early teens during her visits to the Driscolls’ ranches. Her mother, Cybelle Carlson, was Leatrice Driscoll’s best friend and their love stories were legendary among their family members. Growing up, Jessie was always a fan of her mother’s and Leatrice’s persistence and success in winning the hearts of the men they chose to love and marry. Jessie believed herself capable of the same — like mother, like daughter. In her haste and immaturity, she didn’t look past Walt’s looks. When Walt responded favorably to her advances, she thought she’d followed in her mother’s footsteps and won the man she wanted. Too late did she come to know the real Walt and why he fell so easily for the tomboyish, naive teenager in pigtails who had followed him about like a lovesick puppy dog.  It took only three months into her marriage, to realize the only reason Walt had responded to her advances, was because he craved the foreman’s job on the Driscolls’ ranches.

The Driscolls were aware of Walt’s hankering for the foreman’s job. Walt was their top ranch hand. Out of friendship and respect for the Carlsons and their daughter, and to appease Walt for not choosing him for the position, they deeded a parcel of their combined ranches to the newly married couple, as a wedding present, in their opinion, a far better offering than the foreman’s job. They had no idea of  Walt’s devious nature that he hid well under the guise of an amiable worker who simply wished to better himself .

Walt didn’t want a small ranch to work hard and build upon, and watch the resulting fruit of his labors over the years grow into a successful, profitable horse or cattle ranch, one to be proud of, for himself, his wife and his offspring. He wanted the foreman’s job on the Driscolls’ already successful and profitable horse and cattle ranches. He’d been slighted, he raged inwardly, and deprived of the effortless lucrative possibilities associated with being the foreman and son-in-law of the Driscoll’s closest friends.  Alone with his wife, his true nature surfaced.  Right to her face, he told Jessie the real reason he’d married her, and how sick he was of her cloying adolescent affection. Hurt and disillusioned, Jessie’s rose-colored glasses shattered. But reality wasn’t finished with her. She woke in the morning to find Walt missing.  On his side of the bed, a two-sentence note, brusque and to the point. “I’m gone.  Don’t look for me.”  All the same, Jessie waited for him, hoping he’d miss her love, or at least reconsider the chance to make something of the ranch gifted to them.  For her sake and the undeserved love she continued to harbor for Walt, Seth and Leatrice kept her ranch going. For two years she waited, with never a word, until one afternoon, the Driscolls brought to her authenticated documents, proving that when he married her, Walt had a wife and two children under another name.  Her parents and the Driscolls immediately set about clearing her name and the bigamous marriage. An arrest warrant was issued for Walt. But he had disappeared.  Jessie was free.  At least in name.  But her spirit, and her view of life and the pursuit of happiness, were severely scarred.  She swore she would never trust a man outside of her own family, or allow herself to feel attracted to one again. She’d grown up with rose-colored glasses, indoctrinated since childhood in fairytales with happy endings.  Especially the story of Cinderella and her Prince Charming.  She had scoffed at the new trend in children’s fairy tales that showed the independent heroine who often saved the hero, instead; the heroine who didn’t actually need the hero to find her happiness, even when she chose to marry him and one day become his Queen and share in his wealth and title.  Jessie made up her mind. Cinderella Ice. Like the Snow Queen. Yes, that’s what I’ll be from this day forth — Cinderella Ice.



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Clean and wholesome romances for hearts of all ages. Here are links to my most recent books for your ready reference

Clean and wholesome romances for hearts of all ages. Here are links to my most recent books for your ready reference:

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pat-book-cover-amazon-kindleIntroducing a new author, Patricia Carroll-Smith, and her first published work,  a collection of contemporary, wholesome short stories for all ages. Quick reads for the busy life that can be read during a coffee break or a long wait at the doctor’s office. (Tags:  Contemporary short stories, quick reads, character studies)

Available as ebook and paperback through Amazon and Smashwords

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Adventure in Panama, a romance novella


Eight years ago Doreen Carlson married Esteban Pereira, the owner of a nightclub and head of the distinguished and honorable Pereira family whose Spanish ancestors date back centuries. From the moment she walked into his nightclub during a vacation in Panama and caught his attention, Esteban relentlessly courted her. Her formal upbringing had not prepared her for his irresistible Latin charm, or his magnetism and suave manner. Doreen, wealthy and refined, herself hailing from a distinguished family in the Hudson River Valley in New York State, succumbed to his charms. They married and for a short time she was ecstatically happy, but their efforts to conceive children met with failure and she can no longer abide living in an old custom world environment. She is determined to leave Esteban and return to the States. Esteban’s villa on his huge and elegant estate also houses his younger twin siblings, Ramon and Rosaria, and his grandmother, an honorable matron steeped in Old World traditions. Doreen feels she is suffocating. Although she is free to come and go as she pleases within Panama City, Esteban will not allow her to work, nor is she permitted to visit his club. He uses the excuse that attendance at the club does not befit a Pereira spouse, but Doreen cannot see the sense of his reasoning and suspects there is a darker reason. When she attempts to return to the States, Esteban stops her, confiscating her passport and the keys to her car. Esteban deeply loves Doreen and he has no intention of letting her go. He wants desperately to solve their problems and rekindle the happiness they originally shared, but he does not believe that her returning to the States is the answer. Matters worsen when Doreen defies Esteban and visits the club and meets Elena, the stripper who nightly performs at his nightclub. Very soon Doreen’s suspicions come close to confirmation that Elena is Esteban’s mistress….

Available at as ebook and paperback.  Also available as ebook at, Kobo,, Apple, etc.

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The Lark and Robin Red (Abby’s Story) now available as e-book and paperback (Standard and Large Text)

My new novella, The Lark and Robin Red (Abby’s Story) is now vailable at,,, among several other publishers –

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The Lark and Robin Red (Abby’s Story) – Clean, sensitive, heartwarming, a Christian Inspirational Romance for hearts of all ages

(A Clean, Inspirational Romance for hearts of all ages)

Ever wonder what happened to Abby from Paula Freda’s “Beautiful Dreamer”?  Find out in the romance novella, “The Lark and Robin Red” (Abby’s Story)

EXCERPT 1:  Abby and Johnny met for the first time at the church wedding of their best friends, Julie and Evan. Abby was Julie’s Maid of Honor and Johnny was Evan’s Best Man. Johnny had just returned from his four-year Army tenure and assignment overseas, and had missed the church rehearsal and dinner.

On their way out of church, the newly wedded couple, with the bridal party following, stopped and moved to a side altar before the statue of the Blessed Lady of Fatima. Julie pulled out three white roses from her bouquet and placed them at the foot of the statue that represented the mother of Jesus. The couple, eyes fixed with love and respect on the Lady’s sweet face, whispered their thanks in unison. In a sotto voce, Julie asked the Blessed Mother, “How about Abby?”

Just before entering the white limousine with her husband, Julie threw her bouquet over her shoulder, accidentally on purpose in Abby’s direction. Given no choice, Abby caught the bouquet, laughingly remarking on its meaning’s improbability in her case.

Thus begins the romance of Abigail and John.

EXCERPT 2:  “What’s wrong? Is it something I said?” although she hadn’t said much. Perhaps the way she was dressed. Yet she had taken pains to dress simply. Tan slacks, a soft mint green top, and windbreaker and tan sneakers. She wasn’t dressed much unlike him.

“Not-nothing’s wrong, sweetest. I guess most guys in my position would feel nervous.”

Oh God, he’s going to break off with me, Abby thought, steeling herself for the worse. She didn’t blame him, of course. Unbelievable, his dating her had lasted this long.

Johnny swallowed hard. “All right, Abby,” he said.   “Just ignore everyone who will soon be staring at us, or aiming their smartphone cameras at us. Keep your attention on me.”

He released her shoulders and drew a small velvet box from his pants pocket. Kneeling on one knee, he snapped it open.

“Abigail, I know it’s probably too soon to make my declaration. But I won’t wait to ask you. There’s too much sadness in your eyes. You think so little of yourself because of someone in your past who was blind to the real you, the sweet and generous and selfless you. I’m not making that mistake. Abby, if you think you could bear with my faults, and just see the love in my heart, and the desire to spend the rest of my life with you. If-if you can see yourself growing old with me, patiently … Abby will you marry me?”

No, she thought, this wasn’t real. She was in bed, dreaming. Any moment the alarm on her radio-clock would go off and her favorite country singer wake her gently with a guitar-strung melodious song.”

He took her surprise for hesitation. “Abby, I know this is sudden. But if there’s the slightest inclination on your part to consider my proposal, take the ring, wear it, until the day you feel absolutely certain you have no feelings for me, then you can give it back to me. No questions asked, no recriminations. I’ll exit your life as suddenly as I entered it.”

Oh, No, Abby thought, tears welling up.

Thoughts raced through her mind, silly thoughts. How could such a gorgeous hunk of a man fall for the likes of her? How could anyone feel such love for her after so short a time? And yet, I don’t care what his reasons are. My head is not going to ruin my one chance, if there is the slimmest possibility; he’s actually fallen in love with me, for myself.

Vocal chords trembling. and forgetting her self-promises to be tactful and reserved, she blurted, “Johnny, Yes, I will wear the ring, because I know I couldn’t love anyone the way I love you.” She took the box, re-moved the small Marquee diamond ring from its velvet bed of white, and slipped it over the fourth finger of her left hand. He’d probably ask her for the ring back one day soon, but she didn’t care. She’d take whatever happiness was allowed her, for whatever short time, before he said goodbye to her.

The happiness on his face was hard to discount. His smile so earnest, she dare believe its sincerity. He stood up and took her into his arms, and kissed her tenderly, oblivious to the crowd that had formed around them and their clapping and ooohs and aaahs, or the phone cameras trained on them.

One man, though, wasn’t clapping or smiling. He was a thin, sallow-faced young man in a wheelchair. He stared at the couple, not with rancor or jealousy, but with a heart-wrenching sadness. The young nurse guiding his wheelchair watched him stoically. She ex-tended one hand and clasped his shoulder  He turned partly in the wheelchair and lifted his head to meet her compassionate gaze, and missed Abby’s shocked expression, as absently looking over Johnny’s shoulder while he held her in his embrace, she saw the man in the wheelchair, Jason, the man, healthy, strong, athletic, selfish, she had once loved with all her heart, the heart he had broken in two….

(E-book Available at – Soon to be available at Amazon in ebook and standard and large print paperback formats.

Book Copyright June 2016 by Dorothy Paula Freda bookcover photo Copyright June 2016 by Dorothy Paula Freda Licensed from iStockphoto

Book Copyright June 2016 by Dorothy Paula Freda
Bookcover copyright by Dorothy Paula Freda
Licensed from iStockphoto


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