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Issue No. 16: Work in Progress. Writers, beginning with June 1, if you do not see your accepted work published by the end of the month (June 30), please email me and I will make sure it’s posted, Lord willing. All the best, and peace of mind and spirit.

PC16 will be dedicated to long-time members of The Pink Chameleon Team, Albert J. Manachino and Deanne F. Purcell. Prolific writers and my dear personal friends, passed away recently. Al, on February 28, 2015; and Deanne on March 31, 2015. They now reside with the Angels and The Good Lord.

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What’s the difference between Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, short stories, short-short stories, and flash fiction? Here’s one writer’s opinion.

It took me years to understand the difference.  In grammar school, I remember distinguishing the Novel from the short story. Novels took forever to read. In high school, at first, I equated novellas with a very long short story.  As I grew and completed a mail writing course, along with writing adult education classes, and began writing in earnest, I learned, hands-on, the difference.  Even that subtle difference between a novella and a novelette. The novel – 40,000 words and up. The novella – 30,000 to 40,000 words. The novelette – 20,000 to 30,000 words. The short story – 1000 to 20,000 words. and The short-short story – 500 to 999 words. Flash Fiction – 1000 words These are, of course, approximations that overlap each other. Or what I have learned from textbooks and googling definitions on line. For myself, I prefer writing between novella and novelette. Steering the writing car to keep it from veering off the road, I let my story’s characters determine the length of the road and the miles needed to complete their adventure, romance or whatever genre their story falls into. In effect, I let them write the story. I translate their tale into written words. I guess I’m sort of the overseer. I know, these latter sentences sound like fantasy. But whether writers realize it or not, it’s our subconscious that creates the story via our conscious mind. No, we’re not crazy. It’s just a fact of life. Like our dreams during rem sleep. My book, Blossoms in the Snow, a deeply sensitive, inspirational and emotional romance, traverses between a novelette and novella. But that’s how long it took for Dot and Theo to unfold their story.  A young woman who believes in miracles … a young corporate lawyer who does not believe in God … a very special saint. A miraculous journey into love. Do you believe in miracles? My novelette,  a contemporary romance, Welcome Home, Amy, took less mileage. Welcome Home Amy - desktop My short story,  a contemporary romance, The Offering, was a short sensitive ride. The_Offering772AD5E2_1 I’m sure most of us already know the differences I’ve outlined.  But for those who don’t, I hope the above was helpful.  All the best, and peace of mind and spirit.  :-) My stories appear at amazon, smashwords, barnes and noble, apple, kobo, among others.

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For Holy Week and Easter

For Holy Week and Easter,  available as ebook and paperback, an Inspirational Tale (a story of the First Saint Canonized by Christ Himself) based on Biblical references and historical legends associated with Dismas, the Third Thief (patron of prisoners) who was crucified alongside Christ.  Paula Freda presents a fictional-historical spiritual tale of an ordinary man on a path to hell, but saved by Christ. Many cultures and legends place Dismas at several crucial moments in the life of Christ. A romanticized, spiritual tale of a man and his Savior.

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Audrey’s Mr. Darcy

Clean romance filled with adventure, sci/fi and fantasy. (3)

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Leave your problems behind for a little while and lose yourself in an inspirational adventure-romance, contemporary, fantasy, sci/fi, western.  You name it, we probably have it.  :-)


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It’s Valentine’s Day.  Romance is in the Air.

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Dishonest Trend – E-books bought, downloaded and quickly refunded

I noticed on my Kindle e-books sales report that six books were ordered and quickly returned for refunds, all within the space of a week. When the first and even the second were returned, I accepted that, but by the end of the week, the returns equaled six in a row. I wrote to Amazon and finally after my second attempt, they investigated and emailed me with the message: “… identified a refund trend from a reader. This has been reported and actions will be taken accordingly….You can rest assured that this refund trend for your books is to stop….”

If this has happened to any of our fellow-writers, thought they might be interested. Whoever is doing this is not only cheating Amazon, but the writers themselves, many of whom, like myself, depend on the humble sales to supplement their tight budgets.

All the best, Paula Freda

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