Leave your problems behind for a little while and lose yourself in an inspirational adventure-romance, contemporary, fantasy, sci/fi, western.  You name it, we probably have it.  :-)


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It’s Valentine’s Day.  Romance is in the Air.

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Dishonest Trend – E-books bought, downloaded and quickly refunded

I noticed on my Kindle e-books sales report that six books were ordered and quickly returned for refunds, all within the space of a week. When the first and even the second were returned, I accepted that, but by the end of the week, the returns equaled six in a row. I wrote to Amazon and finally after my second attempt, they investigated and emailed me with the message: “… identified a refund trend from a reader. This has been reported and actions will be taken accordingly….You can rest assured that this refund trend for your books is to stop….”

If this has happened to any of our fellow-writers, thought they might be interested. Whoever is doing this is not only cheating Amazon, but the writers themselves, many of whom, like myself, depend on the humble sales to supplement their tight budgets.

All the best, Paula Freda

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For that last minute gift, quick, easy and immediate, clean, inspirational romances for teens, young adults, inbetween, and older adults.   MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, AND BLESSED HOLY DAYS.  GOD BLESS US ALL.  <3

Clean, Inspirational, Uplifting, Sweet Romance for Hearts of All Ages

An Inspirational Romance … a young woman who believes in miracles … a young corporate lawyer who does not believe in God … a very special saint. A miraculous journey into love. Do you believe in miracles? Rated “G” for General Audiences.

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Now also available as paperback and ebook at

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Just Published – Wild Yellow Clover and Wheat Honey Sage

bookcover - wild yellow cloverJust published – Wild Yellow Clover and Wheat Honey Sage at Smashwords.  This is an e-book preview edition available now through and will also be available, Lord willing, through and other online publishers within the month as e-book and also paperback.

Wild Yellow Clover and Honey Wheat Sage
By Paula Freda
Ever wonder what happened to Macey, (Linda and Tanner’s wild, mischievous daughter), who had her eye on Chris, who loved “Driscoll’s Daughter,” Lexie? Find out, in “Wild Yellow Clover and Honey Wheat Sage.” Less
Wild Yellow Clover
and Honey Wheat Sage –
(Macey’s Story) –
Tanner and Linda hoped that their daughter had finally learned her lesson, when because of her ill-placed stubbornness, she was almost killed in a cave-in.
Morally at heart, Macey is a decent girl, when steered in the right direction, away from her wild side, sweet as clover and as potentially toxic. Nearing her twenty-first birthday, her habit of developing unrequited crushes has taken its toll. She has been fortunate the groups she hung with were decent young people. No one regarded her seriously, or took advantage of her vulnerability. Macey was pretty, blonde, slender, with attractive curves. But she distanced prospective suitors with her flirtatious over anxiousness to form a relationship the moment she met someone who fit her idea of the perfect hero and offered her a friendly smile. The few who fell for her first, but did not fit her view of the perfect physical specimen, she steered away from, or with the utmost kindness, firmly rejected them, even Cal, the Driscolls’ younger son, a fine young man, and new foreman on their ranch.
Cal saw past the silky blonde hair, the pretty face and slender form, and the curves, and the ill-placed stubbornness. He saw into her heart, morally and intrinsically kind. She just had not figured out where she fit in. He wished it was in his arms, but she didn’t want him. If he’d been as handsome as his older brother, Tom, and as smart, teaching History at Montana Tech, she’d be his wife by now. But, no matter, he thought.. The Driscoll stubborness ran in his veins. He would protect her, appreciated or not, at least until she found someone who saw her as he did, and captured her heart…

Available formats: epub, mobi, Kindle (through pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html

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Clean Romance Event on Facebook

I will be doing a one-hour takeover of the Clean Romance Event at Facebook, hosted by
R M Alexander, Author

on October 15, between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.  Here is the link:

The event will run from October 14 through 20 and will feature many clean romance authors each doing a one-hour takeover.  Visit and share comments, games, giveaways, free chapters, etc.,  as authors showcase their books and participate in questions and answers regarding their stories and the art of writing.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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