More Last minute gifts – Blossoms in the Snow – A clean, deeply emotional, beautiful love story suitable for all ages

A sensitive, emotion-filled, clean, contemporary, inspirational romance novella for hearts of all ages. A miraculous journey into love. A girl who believes in miracles. A young corporate lawyer who does not believe in God. A very special Patron Saint. Do you believe in miracles? Rated “G” for General Audience.

EXCERPT: …He waited for her to recollect where they had met. Dot shook her head. “I’m sorry, I honestly don’t remember ever meeting you.” Maybe the question was only a line often used to start a conversation or—a pickup. “No,” he finally spoke. “You wouldn’t remember me; you were only six.” He had her attention. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Theo‒Theo Scaloni. I’m the In-house Corporate Lawyer at your Uncle Albert’s firm.”

Dot searched her memories. Age six, yes, her father had once taken her with him on a visit to his brother at work. Uncle Albert owned a construction company that had started small and expanded over the years into a profitable and well-respected business. He valued accuracy and timeliness in his dealings with customers. Dot peered up closer at her conversant’s face. Yes, country, as she had deemed on first sight. Hard lines, but a semi-rigid jaw softened at the moment by an inquisitive smile, or was it an impudent quirk of the lips. Dot met his gaze. His eyes were beautiful. Set nicely apart above a roman nose, their color an azure blue like the cloudless sky above her this afternoon. A memory stirred.”Oh, my goodness, yes. I do remember you.”
His smile widened. “Do you remember what you made me promise?” “Something to do with—” Dot felt her face grow warm. She lowered her gaze to her white pumps. “Oh, for heaven’s sake, I was only six,” she gasped. It was a marvel that the memory had returned with such clarity. She had watched a television movie, the evening before her visit to her uncle, where a promise made between two young people in love had endured tragic events and falsehoods. Her mother and father had watched the movie with her, and when she had asked why keeping the promise was so important, they had tried to explain to her, as parents will do, the moral of the story, so that when she grew and found love, she would remember what to look for in a good man to marry. That was a time in her life when she was learning to discern right from wrong. The movie and their advice had made a strong impression upon her child’s mind. The next day at her uncle’s firm, she had spotted Theo sitting behind a huge monitor – modern technology for that time. He had looked at her and the resemblance to the hero of the movie, especially the eyes, had struck a chord in her child’s mind. She had run over to him and quick as a hummingbird, had made him promise that he would marry her one day. He was definitely the good man her parents had described the evening before.” “Oh, my Lord!” Dot exclaimed. “And you remember that?” she exclaimed, chuckling.
“A promise is a promise,” he replied, with an impudent, but good-natured grin….”May I call on you next Friday evening?” Theo asked holding her hand longer than the required handshake.
“Ne‒Next Friday?” she stammered, her hand held captive in his. “I‒I have to check my calendar.” Except for a couple of luncheons with her old college mate, her calendar was empty. She had graduated only a few months ago with honors from her two-year Liberal Arts Course, and was now taking a year off to decide where her future lay.
With his left hand he reached into the chest pocket inside his tux jacket and withdrew a business card. “My cell phone number is on the back. Let me know.”
Their fingertips touched as she accepted the card. He had strong hands, and his fingers felt warm and comforting. “Ye‒Yes. I‒I’ll let you know.” What was the matter with her? Dot thought. Why was she stuttering? Where was her usual serene, composed self? Why was she not withdrawing her hand. And when he finally let go, why did her fingers grow suddenly cold? He gave her a disarming smile, then turned and left.

(Copyright by Paula Freda)

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About dorothypaula

Come into my world of adventure, romance, inspiration, nostalgia, science fiction and fantasy, time travel, and the paranormal, and sensual clean romances (rated "G" and "PG"). You will find it all in E-books and Paperbacks by Paula Freda. Paula Freda, homemaker, mother of two grown sons, and former off-the-desk publisher of a family-oriented print small press, (1984 thru 1999), The Pink Chameleon, that she now publishes on line, was raised by her grandmother and mother, and has been writing for as long as she can remember. Even before she could set pencil to paper, she would spin her stories in the recording booths in the Brooklyn Coney Island Arcades for a quarter per 3-minute record. She states, "I love the English language, love words and seeing them on display, typed and alive. A romantic at heart, I write simply and emotionally. One of my former editors kindly described my work, '...her pieces are always deep, gentle and refreshing....'" Among the print publications in which her work has appeared are D'Youville Poetry Anthology, Clover Intl Poetry Competition, Small Press Writers & Artists Org. (SPWAO) Showcase II 1984, Nom de Plume, Labyrinth (1984), Harlequin Digest (a quarterly sent to Harlequin book subscribers during the 1980s), The Sacred Heart Messenger, Standard, Affaire De Coeur, Mid Island Times (hometown newspaper). On line, Peridot Books, The Romantic Bower, Romance and Beyond, and Alternate Realities. During February 2001 she taught an online class on writing at From 1985-1994 she coordinated writers clubs at two of her local hometown libraries. She further states, "I love writing, despite that I still have much to learn, and am grateful to any editor who takes the time to help me improve my skill. Although I've no fancy that I will ever be famous, or even want to be, my hope is that my writing will bring entertainment and uplift the human spirit. If someday in the future, someone reads my work and feels the better for it, then I have fulfilled myself."
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